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You have to learn how to process your loan taking into account the following aspects:

  • What you should consult the bank when requesting your personal loan.
  • The characteristics that a good consumer loan should have.
  • The aspects to take into account in order to choose the best offer .
  • The rights that as a consumer , you have.

How to get a loan?

Requirements to apply for personal loans

If you need to request a loan from any financial institution, the first thing you should do is a study and balance of your financial situation , so that you can self-assess and verify that you meet the requirements of these entities before making any type of request.

Any financial institution can request a set of requirements , which comply with the risk policies and take into account the amount of money we request. As a general rule, they meet the following criteria:

  • Being of legal age and resident in Spain : Currently, the age range required to apply for a loan ranges from 21 to 75 years , this can be demonstrated with our identity document sufficiently.
  • Have a good income level : It is impossible to get a loan, if we do not earn enough to cover the fees and at the same time cover our daily, weekly and monthly personal expenses . Therefore, it is required to have a stable income as that of employees and pensioners.
  • Have a good record of sanitized loans : If we have not failed to timely payment of other loans, or do not have other active loans , it is more likely that the request for loan that we make will be approved without further consideration.
  • Do not be as delinquent : If we are not as delinquent with any financial institution or any bank, it is much more likely that any financial institution or lender approves our request . Therefore, it is essential to avoid appearing in listings.

Additionally,   A bank can demand a few months of seniority in your bank , and have active linked services such as loan cards.

Other options for personal loans

In terms of loans and personal loans, not only banks can provide us with loan options. Below, we present other options that you can use to obtain a consumer loan :

  • P2P Loans: This type of loan is obtained through a platform called Crowdlending , which evaluates your application by valuing the project and taking into account the level of risk with which the interest is assigned by the entity on the granted loan . If we have up-to-date all the requirements requested by the entity, the project is published on the platform on its website, so that investors can opt for the capital financed.
  • Private quick loans : This type of financing is usually very fast and efficient , and is granted in a matter of minutes and does not receive supervision from the Bank of Spain. They are usually very expensive, but more flexible in their granting.
  • Financing of companies or promoters of a specific good: If what you want in a car, a personal computer or a smartphone, you can go to the companies or companies that manufacture , sell or distribute these products for the adequate financing of the purchase in the same company, which will surely be made in comfortable monthly installments.

So, obtaining a loan will depend on our needs, our financial situation and our income; as well as the proper selection of a good financial institution or any other alternative entity to obtain consumer loans or goods of any kind.

Comparing the benefits of a loan

To select the most appropriate loan, you must analyze the offers of loans that offer you so you can choose your best option.

Among the aspects that you must take into account for the selection of a good loan and its advantages, keep in mind the following:

  • The interest rate that will apply : Interest is understood as the TIN and is the aspect that defines the “price of the loan” to request, that is , the additional amount to the capital that we must pay in each installment and at the end of the total payment of all the loan.
  • Management and study expenses : These are charged as commissions charged by the bank to carry out the financing procedures .
  • Revenue profile : In general, the bank grants the loans in response to an income profile that involves our membership in a payroll , or the hiring of additional services such as insurance or a loan card.

Finally, it is important to verify the speed of the granting of the loan , as well as if the loan that we request includes a grace period.

We hope that with this information and advice, you can request a personal loan in a Spanish bank in the best conditions and always fulfilling all the necessary steps.