Association of downtown businesses to support local businesses



The town of Okotoks has set up a new group to help support local businesses.

The Okotoks Downtown Business Association will take over the work of groups like the late Olde Towne Okotoks and the Elma Street group of companies.

“The end goal was to create a formal and structured business association in the city center, and also to get stakeholders to align themselves to work on projects with each other,” said Corinne Finnie, a strategist in transformation hired by the City.

By bringing the city’s entrepreneurs together, the hope is to spark collaboration across the business community.

Local business owners were invited to a meeting on January 13 to help establish the new association.

“Basically, once we all started to develop the same understanding of the end goal of building a vibrant business community, it was just about defining the details of how we do it,” Finnie said. .

She says that once the Downtown Business Association establishes its board of directors, it can begin to develop strategies for business advancement and a business model for the association.

They will also work with the city’s economic development team on the new River District marketing campaign.

The hope is that the new association will be able to represent businesses across the Okotoks region.

“We want to have representation from Elma Street, Main Street and Stockton Avenue, the different areas that we’re looking at right now,” Finnie said.

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