Berkeley Trade Association Removes ‘Gourmet Ghetto’ Banners


Gone is the gastronomic ghetto

After a big hubbub around a local nickname for a wealthy and well-fed neighborhood in North Berkeley, Berkeleyside is reporting that a local neighborhood association will be removing banners along North Shattuck Avenue that declare the “Gourmet Ghetto” area of ​​Berkeley. The band will also remove the tongue-in-cheek nickname, coined in the 70s, from its promotional materials. Last night’s vote (which was not without reluctance from longtime neighbors still fond of the name) followed objections to the moniker voiced by the owners of a new neighborhood cafe, at the origin in Berkeleyside, who pointed to the racist connotations of the word ghetto. Other neighborhood leaders, such as Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, have also lent their support to the removal of the name.

Field work adding yet another bar

Prolific Berkeley-based brewery Fieldwork is expanding again, opening what will be its seventh dining venue in downtown Corte Madera. The 2,400 square foot indoor-outdoor space will feature 18 draft beers and a full menu when it arrives in 2020.

Woodside Deli dips

A classic Redwood City dining establishment, Woodside Deli, says goodbye to customers after 60 years in business. The last day for its oversized subs and other food items is September 30. Owner Kyle Vogel, who took over the business in 2017, writes that its landlord offered a 52% rent increase and “combined with ever-increasing healthcare costs (Woodside Deli provided insurance coverage for staff full-time for years) and decreasing staff availability…the numbers just don’t match up.

Ella’s American Kitchen Shutting Down Polk Street Spin-Off

Ella’s, the longtime Presidio Heights restaurant, is dropping its Polk Street spinoff after just a year in business. Hoodline reported the move, but did not cite a reason for the closure. Ella’s original location, luckily for long-time customers, isn’t going anywhere.


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