DC calls for commercial establishments to install ETPs


ITANAGAR, July 30: The Deputy Commissioner of Itanagar Capital Region (ICR), Talo Potom, on Saturday asked business establishments to install Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) or Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) at the earliest .

Addressing a meeting with owners and representatives of hotels, car workshops, hospitals, etc., which were operating without an ETP facility, in breach of Sections 25/26 of the (Pollution Prevention and Control), the DC stated that “failure to install ETP or STP will result in additional environmental compensation charges”.

“ETPs must be installed at all costs,” the DC said, and added that “an installation process will be carried out in a phased manner, with all major establishments being considered in the first phase.”

Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board Member Secretary, T Riba, has informed that notices have been served by the board on various business establishments, “as ordered

of the National Green Court to install ETP/STP in their respective establishments by July 6,” and stated that “failure to install a sewage treatment plant will continue to result in environmental compensation penalties.”

He said the waste generated by these establishments “flows directly into the rivers, untreated, polluting the rivers, especially the Dikrong, Senki and Pachin rivers.”

Owners and representatives of hotels, car workshops, hospitals, etc. asked the district administration and the pollution control commission to “regulate the cost of sewage plant installation fees”.

They also asked for “sufficient time for the installation of the STP, that too, after proper investigation of the needs of each establishment”.

Representatives from the Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industry have asked the pollution control committee to “first conduct sensitization on the need to install sewage treatment plants”.

Among others, SDO Sangeeta Yirang and IMC Deputy Commissioner Datum Gadi attended the meeting. (DIPRO)


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