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STILLWATER – Faculty and staff at the Robert M. Kerr Center for Food and Agriculture at Oklahoma State University hosted a basic entrepreneurship training workshop to introduce participants to FAPC services and connect with government and industry professionals.

“The Basic Training Workshop is a comprehensive introduction to starting a food business,” said Andrea Graves, Business Planning and Marketing Specialist at FAPC. “I find it very rewarding because it opens the eyes of creatives to the commitment and responsibility it takes to start a business.”

Participants attended the basic training workshop on June 17 at the OSU-Stillwater campus. While meeting faculty and staff, the training enabled participants to address issues through assistance with business planning, market identification, strategies, and an explanation of regulatory issues. food processing.

“FAPC wants these entrepreneurs to get it right and be successful from day one,” Graves said. “Basic training is a great first step. Not only do they get information, but they are introduced to critical connections to help support them on their journey. “

Trademarks are one of the many topics covered during the workshop. Suzanne Reinman, library professor at OSU’s Patent and Trademark Resource Center, said the basic training workshop is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn more about trademarks, which can be l most valuable asset of a business.

“When starting a business, it’s so important to do thorough research to make sure that the same name for similar products or services is not already in use by another business,” Reinman said.

Drawing on his experience working at the OSU Patent and Trademark Resource Center since 2006, Reinman advises new entrepreneurs to create a distinctive brand by considering creating a new word, grouping unrelated terms or use suggestive words to create an impression.

Basic training for food entrepreneurs is also offered in an online course and at its own pace. The online training consists of 11 modules with interactive learning activities and quizzes.

FAPC, part of OSU’s Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Division, helps discover, develop and deliver technical and business information that will stimulate and support the growth of value-added food and agricultural products and processing. in Oklahoma.



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