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George Muvuma and his friend Johannes Andreas did not let the government shelter-in-place instruction in March disrupt their entrepreneurship as traditional supply chains came to a halt.

However, George and Johannes found that their businesses could make a difference and help create more resilient digital marketing landscapes as they looked for new ways to adapt to new marketing trends and also tried to help their clients get through. difficult times.

The Friends co-founded Mundre Marketing, a company specializing in digital marketing, graphic design, website design and brand activation, under the slogan “Don’t think about it, be there!

The couple had a huge clientele in real estate and construction, so they could afford offices in the Khomas and Erongo regions, employing more than 10 people.

“We had signed a contract for companies that wanted us to run their social media space, others wanted 2020 to be a big name for them in terms of digital marketing and branding, but when it all fell apart we we are sitting on a cliff, either going out of business or better solutions for our customers, ”they explained.

But luckily for them, they received a COVID-19 related Road Fund Administration (RFA) project and used the RFA’s proceeds to develop software that allows for a virtual tour of real estate.

“As everything was closing, the banks were still working, people still wanted houses, but couldn’t move from one place to another, so we developed virtual reality tours for the real estate industry, and that made wonders for our clients and we have virtually saved the day for the industry, while buyers avoid minimum contact, ”they stressed.

The duo have since enrolled in Olafika’s SME Development and Mentoring Program and said the program comes at an opportune time when there is a need to create a new strategy and also a better understanding of the customer segment.

“The program has prepared us to adapt quickly to serve the market and help more entrepreneurs, because it helps when you listen to people who have over 20 years of business experience and realize that we have in fact weathered the crisis. because we have gone through the works as companies ”, they concluded.



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