On Deck offers scholarship to Israeli tech entrepreneurs



On Deck was officially launched in Israel, in April 2021, after appointing Omer Kalderon as the country’s manager. Since then, he has been promoting scholarships for tech entrepreneurs who want to open their own business or just accelerate their careers.

The exchange, a network of networks, offers a series of independent and adjacent communities that help talented and ambitious individuals start and grow their businesses, and accelerate their careers among a cohort of their peers. Think about the acceleration of the meeting between education and the community.

On Deck realized that in 2021, the skills and relationships you need to move forward are constantly evolving. a time. Highly organized, with an emphasis on peer learning.

The Global Scholarship helps entrepreneurs of tech companies develop an idea, find partners, and secure funding for their projects. The community itself helps refine the process, product, recruiting, and more.

In addition, the program is combined with a private professional social network, serving as a digital ‘campus’ for the ‘college’ – creating serendipity and enabling discovery between talent and opportunity, knowledge, capital and more.

Along with the program’s release, On Deck has become the place where top talent and ambitious entrepreneurs like Shiva Rajaraman, former CTO of WeWork, Ashley Tolbert senior engineer at Netflix and many more. Since the beginning, more than 5,000 scholars have joined the On Deck scholarship programs, founding more than 400 companies (in the last 18 months) that have raised more than $ 500 million from the world’s top investors.

The next On Deck Founder Fellowship (ODF) for new founders will start on September 25th.



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