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Mccann erickson

McCann Erickson, the advertising agency, has called 7-11 Herbrand Street in Bloomsbury his home in London since 2000, but the history behind the Art Deco building dates back much further. The multi-story structure, designed in 1931 by architects Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, who also created the historic Victoria Bus Station and the Hoover Factory in Perivale. It was a Daimler limousine rental garage until the early 1970s, providing chauffeured service to the wealthy.

Inside, light floods the building from the glass roof of the 50-foot octagonal atrium. The linear art-deco design is accentuated by the white grid windows that face the interior courtyard. Skinny trees in tall pots lean against the crisp white walls while visitors awaiting their meeting can gaze at the sky through the glass ceiling.

London Stock Exchange

One of the oldest exchanges in the world, the roots of the London Stock Exchange can be traced back to a cafe in the city in the late 17th century. Since 2004, the LSE has been housed in a large building on Paternoster Square near St. Paul’s. The exchange traded in its old tower on Old Broad Street for a building without a trading floor but with the electronic infrastructure necessary to keep pace with the changing nature of global commerce.

The glass atrium inside the London Stock Exchange spans seven floors beyond a video wall showing market news and ticker information that wrap around the edge of the cage staircase. At 8 am, the Rolet’s Globe – the centerpiece of the lobby – flashes to announce the opening of the market. The rotating blue globe displays clues from other financial centers around the world and replaces an old facility, hundreds of little white balls called The Source, which was scrapped in 2010.

The Walbrook building

The Walbrook Building is the municipal headquarters of companies such as AJ Gallagher, the insurance brokerage firm, and Jones Lang LaSalle, the global real estate services company. The triangular building, with its beehive-shaped exterior, was completed in 2010. The Walbrook takes its name from a river that flows below but has been covered since the 19th century.

The curved structure of the Walbrook building conforms to the shape of the hollow and flowing reception area. In the building’s main atrium, with its floor-to-ceiling glass panels, a rooftop view feels like looking through a kaleidoscope. In addition to the outer layer of fins protecting the building, the building is also covered with an environmentally friendly sunscreen that maintains the temperature of the building all year round.

Deutsche Bank London

The elegant foyer of Deutsche Bank’s London headquarters at Great Winchester Street offers visitors a privileged look at the company’s famous art collection. The lobby features prized artwork by Keith Tyson, Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst, and Tony Cragg, whose 1998 sculpture Secretions from Rock-Shaped Structures is pictured above. Deutsche Bank founded its largely contemporary art collection in the late 1970s, shortly after opening its London office in 1973. Works of art are scattered throughout the offices and rooms. Headquarters meeting, with over 100 conference rooms in the building bearing the names of various artists.

Barclay’s London

Barclays Bank moved its operations center to One Churchill Place in Docklands in 2005 after being based on Lombard Street since the company was founded in 1690. In the main lobby of the 32-story skyscraper at Canary Wharf, a twisted silver structure by Tony Cragg, Constant Change from 2005, is accompanied by various large glass panels displaying the words “respect”, “service” and “stewardship” in luminous blue writing.



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