Stores and commercial establishments in Jamshedpur close their shutters in protest against the GST


Jamshedpur, February 26: In accordance with the appeal of the Confederation of All Traders of India (CAIT) for Bharat Vyapar Bandh, today met with great success throughout the city when small businesses owned by a thousand business associations across the city have closed their doors and no business activity has taken place in any business market. All stores – clothing, hardware, automobiles, utensils and jewelry stores remained closed in Bistupur, Sakchi and other places in response to the bandh. Members of the sales team also took to the streets. They went around Bistupur and Sakchi asking commercial establishments to close their shutters.

Bharat Vyapar Bandh’s appeal was launched by CAIT to vigorously protest by the business community against some of the arbitrary and draconian changes to the GST rules on December 22 and thereafter and to demand their immediate postponement. CAIT has also protested against the unethical business practices of foreign e-commerce companies, those which continually and openly violate FDI policy to the detriment of the country’s internal trade. CAIT demanded the immediate release of a new press brief to replace FDI Policy Press Brief # 2 filling the gaps and eluding e-commerce companies that are determined to break the law and break the policy. and believes that Indian laws are weak which can be tweaked from their side and this too after repeated warnings from Union Trade Minister Shri Piyush Goyal. Today’s Bharay Vyapar Bandhhas caused a trade loss of around one lakh crore of rupees.

Commercial markets across the country looked deserted as Vyapar Bandh was watched by traders from all states from east to west and north to south India presenting a united and firm voice to the central government , to state governments and the GST Council that the colonization of the GST tax system will lead to disruption of commerce and the economy. In all states, wholesale and retail markets remained closed today, limiting Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumers (B2C) activities to a minimum level from the sourcing and distribution of essential products, pharmacies, the general store supplying dairy and dairy products were excluded from the competence of Vyapar Bandh. All India Transport Welfare Association (AITWA), All India FMCG Products Distributors Federation, All India Women Entrepreneurs Association, Hawkers Joint Action Committee, All India Computer Media Dealers Association, Federation of All India Vegetable Oil Dealers Association, National Small Industries Association and a large many other national and state organizations across India participated in Vyapar Bandh. In total, nearly 8 crore traders, 1 crore transporters, 3 crore hawkers and nearly 75 lakhs from small industries across India have kept their business premises closed.

CAIT National Secretary Suresh Sonthalia, while affirming the huge success of Bharat Vyapar Bandh, said the arbitrary and unlimited powers given to tax officials would bring Inspector Raj back to the country and instead of using it against tax offenders, harassment and victimization of honest and tax-abiding traders cannot be ruled out on the basis of the trader’s past experience. The CAIT demanded that controversial provisions of the GST rules be kept in abeyance and that traders be kept confidential before making any changes to the law or rules.

The CAIT also said that the current GST tax base and the revenues generated by this tax base are greatly underestimated and can be doubled, but the GST tax system needs to be simplified and streamlined and the cooperation of business associations. is sought for a harmonious partnership. The CAIT believes that tax offenders and evaders should be punished in an exemplary manner. Anyone dealing with bogus invoices faces the toughest measures as they bring a lot of discredit and unfair competition to honest and tax-abiding traders, but the distinction between “error” and “evasion” needs to be clearly defined.

Explaining the complexity of the GST law and rules, Sonthalia said that “the GST which was announced on July 1, 2017 was a mere tax in real terms currently, but with over 950 changes over the past four years, it made the GST a complex system well beyond the comprehension of a common trader. “We challenge the finance minister of any state to fill out the GST return form without the help of any tax expert on any public platform?” », Declared the leaders of the CAIT. Although the GST Council can revise the GST law and rules in such large numbers, traders are not allowed to revise their GST returns even at least once. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision to make the GST a simple and good tax has been tarnished by the GST Council. The two executives said forced compliance is an artificial barrier to business growth. The law and the rules must be inclusive and an inspiration for voluntary compliance. “- said the trade leaders. Laws and rules are made for 5% of people who are repeat offenders in any system, but the law or rules are used against 95% of other people who obey the law.

Changes needed against complex and arbitrary TPS system: Sonthalia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of making the GST a simple and good tax has been tarnished by the GST Council, said CAIT National Secretary Suresh Sonthalia.

Forced compliance is an artificial barrier to business growth. The law and rules must be inclusive and an inspiration for voluntary compliance, the trade chief said. Laws and rules are made for 5% of people who are repeat offenders in any system, but the law or rules are used against 95% of other people who obey the law.

Sonthalia said that if the changes are not put on hold, there will in all likelihood be a shortfall from regular businesses, as GST numbers will be suspended even if there is an unintentional error. It is common knowledge that government departments and government PSUs do not know in time how they expect traders to pay taxes on time. We urge both the central government and the state government to draw up a picture of the payments made by the departments under the two governments and the PSUs under them, the real picture will emerge.

Bharat Vyapar Bandh succeeds in Jamshedpur: SCCI

Commercial establishments in Jamshedpur remained closed on Friday in response to Bharat Vyapar Bandh’s national appeal by the Confederation of All Indian Traders (CAIT) regarding GST complications.

Ashok Bhalotia, chairman of the Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said stores and other businesses that remained were closed. “Bharat Bandh is successful. Our Bharat Bandh is above the complication of the GST.

Bhalotia said about 950 changes have been made to the GST rules over the past four years. “The issues related to the GST portal issues and the constant stress on compliance are major loopholes in the tax system,” he added.

He also called for a review of the GST system and its tax tiles to simplify and streamline it for easier compliance by traders.


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